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      Some of the newer members have asked me about our club and the unique way it operates. This brief explanation I
      hope will answer some of your questions.
        In 1971, Murray Fox, our club founder, approached his close friend Mr. Morgan, the owner of Winding Brook Turf
      Farm and asked him if he and a small group of friends could use a small parcel of his land to fly their model airplanes.
      Murray and the land owner discussed the rules, regulations and restrictions for the use of this land, which Murray
      brought back to the group,and permission was granted to begin flying at the agreed location. As time went on Murray
      would make new rules for his group of friends for the use of this land to correct any problems communicated to him
      by the land owner. Through the years nothing except the people involved has changed. Mr. Doug Morgan tells me any
      concerns he has and it is my responsibility, as Murray did years ago, to rectify this problem and pass on to the group
      new rules to permanently correct this situation. There really is no discussion, no meetings or vote. Quiet frankly, since
      it is not our land we have no choice.

           John Perez,   President WBFC    circa 2007

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