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       As you are probably aware, we lost our beloved flying site, of over 40 years, in the Rocky Hill Great Meadows. I have since
       worked hard to secure a place for us to fly. There were very few options available, as everyone is locked out of the Meadows,
       so another place had to be secured. I searched through several possibilities.

           Jack Morgan graciously offered me another location. The field is located in the northern part of Windsor along the river.
       This is a very nice location with some advantages of where we used to fly. It is even five feet higher than our old site.

       However it has several disadvantage over flying in Rocky Hill:
           1. It is north of Hartford and the traffic can be very bad (for us who live south of Hartford).
           2. It will require a walk of about 3 hundred feet from the Parking Area to the Pits.
           3. We need to be very quite as it is a Residential Area with a 55db limit.
           4. Parking is currently limited to about 12 cars, I am working on making more available.
           5. It has restricted access.

       These reasons forced us to add special rules for the Windsor Field:
           1. 55db limit at properties edge. Not all of our planes can achieve this, even ones which passed in Rocky Hill.
           2. All fuel planes must be certified before flying, I will initially personally do this.
           3. Fuel flying limited from 10am to 5pm.
           4. A Fixed Flight line for fuel planes, as on the map.
           5. No Guest or Visitors.

       These and others are in the enclosed handout. We have been working hard to prepare the new flying site. We tried numerous
       place on the field to fly trying to find an area which was best for us and the neighbors; we cleaned the access road of
       saplings and other junk; and we have been clearing the parking area. When you first are going to the field call me at
       203 235-6288, so I can meet you there and show you around.

           I understand that a number of you will not want to continue their membership at this time, do to the different field.
       As such, the officers agreed to refund your $25 dollar membership dues. To do this, mail the club badge in the enclosed envelope.

           I have found this to be very trying, as I have loved flying in the Rocky Hill Meadows for many years.
       I however, have great hope for our future flying at the new field.

           Respectfully yours,    Steve L. Swahn,   President WBFC

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